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One of the things I just love to do, is listen to real ATC on websites like, while watching the movements on flight radar. One of the best frequencies is JFK Ground, especially when Kennedy Steve is on duty!

If you use this site, what frequency do you listen to the most?

I searched and looked and couldn’t fine a topic like this, but sorry if it is a duplicate.


I listen to my closest major airport : YBBN / Brisbane airport

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I listen to CYYZ. Both the ATIS and the Approach frequencies are my favorite one’s.

That’s strange, because he retired last year

You really listen to the ATIS? :P Hahah!

*When he was active. You know what I mean.

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ATIS is an important frequency. Stop hating ;)

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Hahha! I would get a headache just from listening through it two times… :P

I agree, the automated voice is a little hard on the ears.

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EHAM Tower and Approach. :)

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I did use it, But somehow I can’t tune to any WIII Frequencies :/

I’m annoyed with the British Government for not allowing ATC to be heard online. I so badly want to listen to LHR Tower.


I generally listen to any Australian airport or I will listen to KLAX And if it is working I will listen to the Qantas, Jetstar or Vigin Australia frequency

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How do you listen to LHR?

Your post made me lose my train of thought and I forgot the airports name and code that I listen to and I typed lhr instead of the actual code which I have forgotten and currently trying to find

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I usually listen to JFK APP (Rober) which is the final approach vector into the airport.

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I ussually listen to EHAM ground on the background and follow them on flightradar

@Mats_Edvin_Aaro He didn’t retire lol!

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