Live ATC XP Points and Time

Quick question,
I just spent the last hour and a half being ATC at KONT.
I went to exit when my games crashed. Do you get any points or rack up time for being an ATC or no? Because I lost all that progress.

This was on the Playground server.

Only on the advanced server.

You don’t get points on the advanced, nor on any other. You can only gain ops (operation) although some people say that’s points 😎

Samuel, how does this work? You mention that you gain Ops when you work as ATC on any server.
I can see my XP score, but I’ve never seen a ‘Ops score’. How is this logged, and who can see it?

@azeeuwnl youre actually gaining ops score while doing atc work on both servers. you can only see it once youre added as an official atc controller trainee :)


As YNA said is true. You can’t see the operations when you click on an airplane or a user either. Can only see them for yourselves.

Every operation is basically when you clear aircraft to do certain things such as taxi, clearance to land or takeoff etc.

Advanced ATCs are not allowed to control on the Playground.

yes i did learn it yesterday. i didnt know we shouldnt,now i do @Laurens

Yeah sorry. That’s what I ment😎

Thanks Everyone

please control playground, we need the best ATC to control major airports such as LAX,

we are not allowed to control on playground once we are added as an advanced controller trainee,only and if we are training for the rank level AC2 we can.

theres also alot of good controllers on playground,who are practicing for the advanced could help them and yourself too,if you listen to their instructions. 😊


Well said @Yna

i do, but there’s a lot of trolls on playground which i hate. and therefore love the advanced server but not much people go on it when there is controllers, which is why we need like multiple events in a week for advanced servers

theres always gonna be trolls on PG. As soon as they publish the theory test online for mass atc recruiting,there would be more atcs on advanced server,therefore more pilots will fly on it.

We are allowed to practise approach, center or departure when we are at ranks AC1 and below.

And that’s why there is a “Report” button.

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the report button is useless, it requires 3 ppl

Yes, and if people begin to report, three people is enough to report a nimrod

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