Live ATC Voice Controlling

Yes. Like VATSIM, but like @Kedz said we must be very careful of immaturity from grade five pilots. If we had something like this on casual server there would be swearing.


No doubt, but I would bet money most Grade 4/5 pilots are (for the most part) most professional. With anything, ATC could verbally warn any pilot out of line or abusing features. My point is mostly that Expert Server is extremely busy. Having real comms could quickly become an absolute cluster of a mess. I think if you could limit the use to Grade 5 it creates two scenarios: (1) the drive to get to G5 to experience this perk and (2) limits the total amount of traffic

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I agree with you about their experience, it’s true but where is the fun of the hustle and bustle. Many pilots are G3 and are excellent, pilots like me who are new and not yet had a single violation and are flawless deserve to be credited. A new server cost money to make and i’m pretty sure that’s not on the mind of the devs. Your point about limiting traffic would make controlling seem boring, thus only a few controllers would dedicate themselves to the new server, it’d require a new branch of IFATC. These VCs would need to be monitored, that’s more cost efficient than having a new server.


When it comes to limiting traffic, thats why the current ATC system will still be used. You probably wont be able to truly enjoy Live Voice in a busy airspace unless you have multiple frequencies helping you. Like in ATL, they have a north and south tower, north and south ground. If we can get an airport fully staffed to that magnitude, using LVC would be a breeze and enjoyable.


Here is my view on this.

IF is an internationally available app. I love that thought of VATC which is exactly what this is. If this would be integrated it would ruin the everyone capability to fly without the issue of a language barrier. There would be no way for Speech to text to allow the pilot to not have the second option for this. If they would integrate a simple Speech to Text where the ATC can say the cmd and the callsign. That would be the most realistic approach that I could see coming. The staff have said that in nowhere do they see themselves going in any direction with VATC. With that in mind they allowed this topic so maybe. 🤔



As someone who has used simulators with VATC in the past, it’s a great thing that can be extremely cool when done right, with the right resources and people. Infinite Flight doesn’t check all the boxes to successfully implement a VATC system that maintains the high level of realism that staff and developers want, as well as one that provides a good experience that is professional for both controllers and pilots, and let me explain why.

Infinite Flight, as a mobile simulator, has a younger demographic in comparison to PC simulators such as VATSIM, which is completely understandable because younger teenagers and children don’t have the resources (expensive computer, accessories such as yoke, throttle, etc.) to use these simulators, while on the other hand, you only need a mobile device to run. As a result, the levels of immaturity and trolling, even on the expert server, are much higher in comparison to those in VATSIM, because, well, the older the demographic is, the more mature the people that use the simulator would be. Implementing VATC in Infinite Flight would provide another outlet for these trolls to do things that would not only disrupt the expert server environment, but would really hurt Infinite Flight’s reputation. As a controller that would most likely utilize VATC if it were to be implemented, hearing an 11 year old squeaking at the top of their lungs with their mom yelling and dog barking in the background just doesn’t sound appealing, and to be honest, it would disrupt both me, as a controller, and the pilots that are trying to listen for instructions. We also have to think about this particular issue from a parent’s perspective. I’m sure a mother or father wouldn’t like to hear their child talking to an adult on the other side of the globe at such a young age, nor would it be very fun if they heard a troll screaming something that they shouldn’t be hearing. All in all, the idea would be great for serious users that want the extra realism, but because of Infinite Flight’s demographic, it’s just not something that staff can do to make all parties happy.

I’d also like to mention your idea of using proper ATC communication, with the proper readbacks that you mentioned. While this would be really, really cool, I don’t see this being possible either. Infinite Flight has taken great steps in terms of both pilot and controller education with refreshed ATC manuals and flying guides, it is not nearly as detailed as simulators such as VATSIM. I’m not going to discredit IFATC in any way, shape, or form how they run their operation, but their operations are not nearly as meticulous as VATSIM, and even VATSIM hasn’t perfected their VATC. Now, Infinite Flight could match this and provide training for all pilots and controllers that could give them the skills to do it, but as I am writing this post, that is not the case. A lot of training would be required, not only for a small number of pilots and controllers on the forum, but for everyone that steps foot on the expert server. Other than that, the VATC system, while it may be cool and all as depicted in AirForceProud95’s videos, won’t be the same if it were to be implemented into the current state of IF. It would just be a bunch of 9-10 year olds without a clue, screaming gibberish at the top of their lungs. If we want a better expert server, this is not it.


I agree with just about everything you said @Thunderbolt. Here is what others have said on top of that.


Hello @Thunderbolt! I just want to say this is an excellent statement. I play on VATSIM and it is not yet perfected as you say. I still have difficulty on VATSIM in terms of some younger pilots like ages 12. But to have other people’s point on a different setup for IF can be very hard for the developers. I still have my vote in even though of the very low possibility of it being added to the game because it just puts this already perfect flight sim into a huge world of ATC simulation. Just to be a little of topic airforceproud95 gives me a bit of a laugh.😂

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A very nice idea indeed. Does this feature apply only for real ATC voices or does it apply to real pilot voices as well ?

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for someone that uses VATSIM its a good system, but the amount of kids on it that dont take it very serious. Some burb, some have kids that drown out the atcs instructions. Not to mention you have serious privacy concerns, voice recording you, (youtube videos with your voice on it) Sadly i cant vote on this. sorry

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ATC would silence them by clicking off their strip.

It would be in the privacy policy that if you are not happy with that happening, you just continue to use CATC.

This is true, very true. But the issue is, we still want the realistic experience. That’s why we come to Infinite Flight. Yes, there are “children” who would ruin it for others, but there also many of us who would 100% respect the feature. Let’s not forget that you don’t just suddenly become mature the moment you turn 18, and you are not automatically childish if you are younger than that age. Also, about the 9, 10, 11 year olds etc, well… maybe to use LVC, you have to be logged in with the IFC. I’m not saying IFC members are any maturer, but instead referencing the age requirement of 13, which at least slightly raises ages. Now, I’m telling you now, 13 year olds are perfectly mature enough to follow the rules, and can be reported.
For the parents’ being concerned about privacy (mine would be one those)… well… not to be rude, but maybe that can be between them and their child. If they’re not allow LVC, they can use CATC. What about what people say on frequency not be age appropriate, you ask? What about social media which they are probably already on? Just as bad (if not worse because there won’t be a “controller” there to report).


This would be cool

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Simply incredible detailed discription!

I simply love this idea and have wanted it forever, you have my total support and I freed up a vote for you and have voted!! This would especially help with Friday night flights and main hubs!



Thank you for making this request,




How do we know grade 5 pilots won’t be immature? Maybe there could be a test to gain access to that server like the ATC test for expert?

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I think this wouldn’t work knowing that most players don’t know how to talk to ATC even using IF platform so wil be such a mess to controllers to deal with it and handle lots of traffic


Thats why you teach people how to talk to ATC. In the system, no one is able to talk over ATC if they are talking, and the only way for ATC to hear a pilot talking is if they select the pilot strip in the menu. The system works to make it easily teachable and accessible.


so how will pilots communicate if they cannot speak english? Isn’t this a feature that will only benefit english speaking pilots, do you have a system in place for controllers who speak the other main languages like Spanish, French, Indian etc.? While English is the main business language, not everyone speaks it…

Will you create a tutorial for pilots who are new to the game, and not familiar with ATC procedures and radiotelephony?

While you have thought about this in a technical way, you have to think about the practical side of it…

What about privacy issues, as broadcasting your voice to a ’ bunch of strangers’ is not something everyone would be willing to partake in

What will you do to prevent voice abuse on the application? What about for those users who do not have access to a microphone?

That’s my feedback, i’m open for discussion


1st question: The Global Aviation Language is English. Every single airline in this world that travels internationally, the pilots have to have a proficient understanding of the English langauge to communicate with ATC. In Infinite Flight now, all commands are given in English and there is no way to change that. Everyone who uses Infinite Flight professionally has a basic understanding of ATC commands because they understand how to use the present day system. If you are not comfortable using your voice, you dont have to. Please refer back to the post for that.

2nd question: This system requires no new tutorials because all ATC commands are outlined in the existing User Guide and Tutorials already posted on Youtube. Any new commands will be outlined, have detailed descriptions, and easily understandable.

3rd question: Again, the pilots do no have to use their voice if they do not want to. Refer back to the post as I outlined how that would work.

4th question: If you do not have a microphone, you dont have to use Voice chat. No pilot can talk over ATC and ATC would have to ability to silence or report people who abuse or troll the system. There are so many examples and workarounds outline in the post for things like this.


This would be pretty awesome


Voted ! This would be awesome and it’s not impossible !