Live atc using the microphone on the device

Can we have atc that uses the devices microphone. I was thinking “push to talk”. Only on the advanced atc serever

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Already been request for future reference look before posting :)

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Totally agree with you. Why? Because I also want this feature and I made a post as well but people like Siri better so…Mabye


It would be difficult to implement and people wouldn’t be able to understand each other. It would cause chaos I would think.

It would be hard but I have ways to decrease it.

  • Only 1 person is allowed to talk at a time
  • ATC is always allowed to talk
  • Voting/Reporting system if someone spams the mic
  • You have to have headphones on to have best microphone quality (Recommend)

That’s some of the rules I think would suit best if “push to talk” does come out. Do you agree?
If I knew how to code I would take my time and make this.



Agreed this is something they should look into

I totally agree like you said this should be on advanced and advanced only

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