Live ATC tutorial: Charts (for PC/Mac flight simulations only!)

Just bought a new flight simulator and want to try live ATC right away? Here’s a tutorial about the charts that’ll make what ATC says more clear.

Step 1. A chart of the airport your at
This chart comes in handy once your taxing. You would “ground, I’m ready to taxi” they responded “taxi to RWY 25R via Charlie, echo, Zulu.” You might be confused but it’s really simple. They’re telling you how to get to the runway by using letters of routes. If you understand but don’t have a chart of the airport then it’s going really difficult. Here’s a chart of my home airport KLAS. You’ll notice letters on the gray taxiways. Those are the routes

Understand this? Alright let’s get to the next lesson

  1. Departure/Arrival
    This is in use for when your in the air. You’ll need to do this all on your own until you get the altitude where you need directions. Yep all the headings and altitude. When you arrive to your destination airport you’ll need its approach chart and the airport chart. Here’s all the departures and approaches for KLAS:

    other airports have this too.

  2. Finalize
    Now print out all the charts you need and departure chart from your origin airport and a approach chart for your destination. Departure charts follow the runway you’ve takeoff, and approach charts follow the runway your aiming for.

A suggestion is get all the charts from your origin airport and gather it into a booklet. Do it for the destination airport too, and other airports.

Still confused? Ask questions! And have a lovely day!

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Well I specifically said, it’s for PC/Mac flight simulations purposes only.

So that’s why it will NOT be in the Tutorials category.


Nice tutorial man!

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Navigraph: dunno

Accurate data I think.

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The sim I’m using is XP10 for mac

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Good job well done