Live ATC session

Hehehehe. Please join. Will be professional. :)

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Yes I will and hoping even others will join…


Can you start it rn

VIDP tower and ground is now open

Weather is very bad at VIDP

Oh my god then wait


It’s great to see that you are looking to join the IFATC team in the future. I recommend taking a read through this topic linked below that guides you on how to setup an ATC Tracking Thread as well as how to format if:

Looking forward to seeing you apart of the IFATC team soon!

Take care!


Weather improved, join fast

I joined you are not there as tower

Feedback from Air India 0209:

  • Forgot to give landing clearance twice in first two patterns
  • Unnecessary Extend DW instruction given when there was no one before me
  • Unnecessary pattern entry: Enter right DW when I was already told to make right traffic
  • Very late landing clearance given after reporting position on short final

Thank you for the service! The weather was challenging too with wind shear!

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Thank you for your feedback anant. I request others also to share their feedback so i can work on that

Are you already training with an IFATC trainer?

No not yet. How to do the same ?

Hey @parwinder.singh

If you wish to join IFATC this topic may help you out!:

It goes through how to join IFATC and what you need to do after!

After you begin your IFATC recruitment process and take you written test you can request for a trainer who will teach you the ropes. You can learn more about that here:

Have a Great day!

So here is ur training server session feedback: HA-RSH

  • no runway clearance when i changed my runway
  • too late runway exit you have to give runway exit 75-70knots
  • transition not good 5000 its simple just airport elevation + pattern + 1000ft. If i talking abot VIDP 800FT+1500ft+1000ft= 3300 here you can give me 3500ft trasition
  • nice pattern entry and sequence
  • too late landing clearance
    You need to read ATC MANUAL Once again before ur session
    Otherwise you doing wonderful job man
    Thanks for having me best of luck for ur sessions

Thank you all for your feedbacks. I will definitely work on these and prepare for some days before i open an another session before my actual exam. Thank you once again

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Lmk when you need

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Yeah the wind is terrible

Please create an ATC tracking thread for any future sessions.

Thanks and best of luck with the IFATC process!