Live ATC | Planes vanishing from map

Hello, I’ve been controlling ATC and I’ve noticed that sometimes when there are more than 6-8 or so aircraft that some of them start to disappear.

I can hear them contacting ATC requesting for departure etc, but I cant respond to them because they dont appear on the map. Sometimes they appear for a few seconds before disappearing again. Some aircraft are unaffected by this.

My airplane count was set to Medium and then I set it to Very High with no effect on this issue.

Very frustrating when there is over 10+ aircraft and impossible to control anything. My connection is strong, using 5GHz WiFi and my device is a Samsung Galaxy S9.

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Hey there!

I have the same issue most of the time and have had it for at least a year now, but sometimes a VPN helps keep more aircraft around for me. This is a known issue and has been addressed by staff. Hoping to have a fix soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Thank you for the quick response I guess I’ll carry on then. Glad to know it’s not an issue with me in particular.

Purchased the subscription a few days ago to have some fun controlling in high pressure situations in the training server like I used to a few years ago but now I guess I cant do that :(

I’ll try using a VPN though. Thank you

Yeah, trust me, it not the best. I know several IFATC with the issue as well, just hang in there

We’re working on some improved server infrastructure to among other things, remedy this issue.

Sorry about the inconvenience!


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