Live ATC on Zello right now

I am doing live ATC at KLAX right now on the Zello line infinite flight pilots/ATC there is full ATC active ground and tower. Join now. I am in Free flight server 1

Talk on Zello like normal ATC. I am at KLAX.
Free flight server1. Full ATC. Join now

Call when you join

ATC is closed for now until someone is at the airport with the Infinte flight pilots/ATC Zello line

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Is anyone interested

Anyone interested at all?

Come on guys! It us really Fun!

It is. Are you interested?

I will be doing ATC for you if you’re interested? I can do it at any airport

I would love it to come, but I am offline for about 2 Weeks I want to have a few good figures for school.

Oh ok, I respect that. Maybe in 2 weeks then I guess 😃. Tell people about this tho. I love verbal ATC

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But I can’t leave to forum alone🙂

Thanks. Do you know of anyone that can fly on Zello now?

What do you mean?

@DS2001 I don’t understand

Hmm I don’t think there are much ppl now, but @Belfast_spotter and @scandinaviangroup @TnTpilotBE also likes zello ATC maybe you can ask them.
And try to do this in the weekend most ppl have more time then.

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First I also want to leave to forum for 2 Weeks but I just can’t

Good advice. Thanks again. I will ask @Belfast_spotter , @scandinaviangroup if there interested.
Thanks agai


Got you. I have the same problem. 😋

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Anyone interested in doing a Zello flight?