Live ATC, Mexico, Running out of fuel.

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So if you miscalculated fuel and know you probably won’t make it to the airport is it best to just leave the expert server at that time or try and make it? I have been so used to solos refueling in mid-air occasionally I miscalculate fuel.

This just happened to me in and I was so close to the airport but it had a live ATC controller who directed me at 15000 feet and I didn’t know what to do because there was no way I could climb.

There’s a command “minimum fuel” if You have minimum fuel. I’d recommend trying and if You’re doomed, exiting.


At first give “emergency fuel” to ATC, he will guide you to direct approach. If you estimate you wont arrive to the runway, notify to ATC missed approach and go direct to the closer runway of any airport. You must caculate these options before the emergency appears for can resolve the emergency. I recommend you to load fuel for 45 minutes extra of flight plan. Have fun landings!!


Will do I just sat on the tarmac forever and I think that burned a lot that I didn’t realize. Thank you.


When You taxi at a busy airport you burn fuel on the ground. I usually check my fuel and refill it if needed when I am first in line.

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And yes you should always put at least 45 Minutes extra added to your amount that you need to actually make it to the airport! The reason for the extra 45 minutes is because if you get put in a holding pattern I believe.

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45 minutes fuel reserve PAST your alternate airport…

So enough fuel to get to destination, alternate and then the 45 mins extra fuel.


In my opinion I usually just put full feul if it’s a smaller aircraft such as the E175 or A319. I just don’t feel like calculating the feul wrong and then have my plane Oof.

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Personally, I like to do 2 hours extra fuel at the minimum and then 4 hours if it won’t put me over MLW when I get there. 4 hours is only if it’s a longer flight though, say 5-6+ hours. If it’s under 5 hours I only usually do about 2 extra hours of fuel. Just my 2 cents :)

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If you are low and fuel and quite a while always from your destination airport it is probably best to divert to a closer airport but make sure that there are no aircraft restrictions. It’s just gonna be a waste of xp and landing count to leave the server be it expert or training. However if you’re close to your airport there is the min command fuel as stated above. Even then if you cannot make it, best option would be to divert I’m sure the ATC would understand. It is very hard to abuse this feature because the command only pops up after certain hours of flight time.

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Agreed. I am going to add at least 45 minute of emergency fuel. I think I have only came close one other time.

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just use simbrief… flight plan + weights + cruise altitude + ETA + fuel + load, and for free. Just use to transfer the flight plan over to IF.


Just use the emergency fuel command. How ever, I recommend adding at least 1 hour extra fuel.(just in case I get put on a holding pattern)

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