Live ATC listening

Hello when you listen to live ATC, and live radios online, it is very hard to hear what are they saying. How can you make the online radio feed clearer so i can hear what they are saying? It is very unclear.

Not too much you can do as far as I know. It’s pretty much the providers fault. They are providing that audio. Perhaps try using headphones or switching providers.

Hello buddy, by any chance is it a airport far from you

yes it is far but I am listening on the internet

I would recommend the App of LiveAtc it does cost but it’s much better and also I live in LA but when I tried Salt Lake City it was horrible

The best you may get out of any airport regardless of vicinity may be Notably, I think this is where VASAviation gets his recordings from.

I find it also just takes experience in hearing gargled transmissions and having to understand them

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