Hi everyone!

I will be providing ATC services at KONT for a minimum of 30 minutes. Please feel free to join. Pattern worked allowed if not preferred.

I’m hoping to apply for IFATC soon so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Wish I could come right now, might come in about 30 minutes as it says that’s your minimum, I’ll let you know and will definitely give feedback!

Awesome, thanks, it says its closed at the moment as unfortunately there is someone else controlling 😒

Haha, ok, see you in 30! Hopefully he stops to give you a chance but you don’t know as this is TS1 we’re talking about (I just roasted myself cause I’m a TS1 flyer, you can call me a noob 🤣)
Also, tell me when you can get in and instantly go, I’ll edit title for you if you want so you don’t get kicked for exiting and someone takes over for the next hour ;)

Yeah 😂, hope he gets off soon!

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I might come let me know if you open :) Will be happy to give feedback

Awesome, should open today, I’ll let you know 😀

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Oh man so sorry my device just died :( Will make it if possible

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