Live ATC Dropping Out

When I play online the ATC frequently drops out and comes back in, this is really annoying and I don’t get a live subscription very often so I want to make the most of it. This only occurs in flight mode not when I’m playing ATC.

Check your wifi signal as it could be this

also please give device name and OS

It mostly occurs on TS1 or their app crashes or connection goes.

It happens to me too

ATC will sometimes disconnect if the controller is switching between IF and another app, that’s a pretty common occurence. (Provided that you’ve checked your own Wi-Fi)

Thanks for your response, we are with iinet using Australian NBN. The Wi-Fi is normally good unless I am flying online with infinite flight. I am using an iPad Air running iOS 10.0.1.

Hi, I only play on Training Server 1 as Training Server 2 is uselly empty and and Casual Server only has Unicom. This problem only occurs when I am flying, when I am ATCing it works fine.

I know, it’s really annoying.

Hi, our Wi-Fi works great , we are with iinet on the Australian NBN. Every time I fly online it frequently disconnects and comes back after about a minute or two. So I don’t think it’s the controller but thanks for your help.

My connection always drops out on TS1 in SoCal. If i want to fly in SoCal TS1 i have to play on my 4G data.

It’/ unfortunate that it happens to you. Thanks for your help but I don’t have 4G on my iPad so I have to use my Wi-Fi.

Hey mate. I have the same problems from time to time. And I have strong WiFi and 4G and I will get the same problem using either connections. It’s either one of two things, a bug in the game or a crappy network system in Australia. And I’d put my money on the latter.

The crappy connection in Australia is what i’m thinking. I also thought it could be the large amount of activity in SoCal on TS1, but not sure.

I think it’s happened to me in multiple regions. Real pain when it happens while approach is guiding you in and all of a sudden you disappear. And then suddenly reappear in a different location. Makes me feel bad.

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Yeah i know right.

I agree, we recently moved into a new house that has NBN and that’s where the problems have started.

This just happened to me on expert server. I was cleared to land and then got switched over to a different unicorn. I was given an on guard warning and switched back over to ATC. My wifi never messed up.

Next time it happens take note if just ATC goes away or does all planes. I’ve never heard of just ATC disconnecting but have seen where the entire connection dies for a few seconds.

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