Live ATC available for Gusty Winds NY ATC

No patterns unless it is a go Around

But patterns is how you get good practice… 🤷🏼‍♂️


This should go under Live.

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That’s not a good mindset to have going into a controlling session. You want to cater to the pilots a provide service to them not cater to your self.


As long as they follow “”…you know

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I understand but I’m just saying that’s a bad mindset. Anyways have a great session. Might stop by for some patterns 😉


I flew the Expressway visual into LGA 31 earlier on Expert. It was a direct crosswind of 10 knots gusting 15, with moderate turbulence, and I still had the guts to do it. But perfect visibility, I couldn’t help myself. Definitely a fun challenge.

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True stuff …💘 ATCing in crosswords

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An go-around isn’t a pattern, lol


Facts…you are sooo right…lol

why no patterns? Most people accept pattern work unless the airport is incredibly busy


We’ve been down that road before, unfortunately. Probably safer not to re-hash it again here. :)

For better or worse, see the reasoning (justified or…well, not) here:

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Actually I did pattern work yesterday at PHOG and I did better than I thought…It made the airport very busy…and gusty winds with the go arounds…my head was spinning…lol…I dont mind pattern work as long as they really remain in the pattern i set…also i get confused when the pilots say remaining in the pattern but leave my airspace…should i tell them to change frequency?

Yes, they don’t know what it means

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True…also when remaining in the pattern shouldn’t the pilot fly at pattern altitude or no?

Remember its AGL, so if you’re controlling KPSP at 500 gear MSL, props will fly pattern altitude 1500 and jets 2000, as that is 1000 & 1500 AGL

Thank you…I really needed that info…It helps with me learning how to control during pattern work…To be honest i was afraid to broaden my herizon…But after yesterday pattern work doesnt scare me…As long as pilots listen…but hey it is ts1…lol

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