Live API v2 is Down

Hey All,

Just a quick FYI that as of now (I got the first report today at 0034Z) that Live API v2 is down, all endpoint appear to be returning a 500 status code. I’ve messaged Cam, he’s sleeping right now but I’m sure he’ll take a look when he logs on for the day.


Thanks Kai

Ran a query to it (Just checked Casual server) and it seems to work, so might have fixed via restart or Cam fixed it

Still getting a 500 for expert and can’t access the sessions endpoint to get the IDs again

Im getting a response from expert, so I would think its you, but its returning 500, so that can’t be it.

Nope, Just went into 500 for me, so its intermittent?

EDIT: Literally ran a query after I sent the original, and it returned 200 with response so now im super super super confused.

Yeah I think it’s intermittent, I’m getting 200 now too

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Various issues across the entire platform was noted late last night and Cameron worked a bit on with focusing on general stability. This is probably related to that and he said he’ll get on it as soon as he wakes up.


Cheers, Seb