Live alone in the world

Hi, I’m Nuttavee Kuntanon new infinity flight member sir
But I’m already created and followed update under infinity request
After online don’t any body to my live online sir
Please help me sit

Ummm …

What ?


Do you mean you cannot see any other players when using Live? Make sure you have a strong internet connection and see a green WIFI icon in the top right of your screen, and make sure you are flying in a populated region, on most servers a lot of players fly only in one or two regions together.

Maybe your flying in Solo mode or in a region which no one was flying in at the time or you probably didn’t purchase LIVE …

That’s why you can’t see any planes around you if that’s your question :)

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You’ll need a strong internet connection if you are on Live. Another problem could be that you are flying in an empty region, if on Free Flight go to San Francisco, if on Playground go to Southern California, if on Advanced go anywhere with ATC active.

You also may just be flying on Solo, no aircraft will be flying beside you.

Feel free to ask me more!



may be, I will buy infinity flight package not completed

He used Google Translate, Can u explain in your Language?
Thank you