Live Air traffic controllers

VHello people, today I would be requesting a new feature that I think would be great and more realistic.

Live ATC

Would make infinite flight much more realistic in my opinion. Let me explain why, the reason why I say it would make it more realistic cause pilots would be able to talk to Air traffic controllers and air traffic controllers can talk to pilots live. Also it would make it easier for AIr traffic controllers to communicate. But one thing the Air traffic controllers should be trained and certain restrictions will be placed like if your bully,harassing someone and etc you will be suspended from infinite flight. That’s what I was thinking

Ehmn… I’m pretty sure we have this already, have you tried flying online or am I missing something you’re requesting?

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This has been discussed before and due to complications and trolls I don’t believe it will be added, there are vocal ATC groups who provide verbal atc on the casual server which seems to be what you are looking for. IFATS is an example

I think he means through audio
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Yes I do I just didn’t know how to explain it 100%

I don’t think the majority of people would want strangers from across the globe listening to their voice. Also, without the selection box with all the ATC commands, ATC would be less enjoyable because almost everyone but IFATC doesn’t know proper ATC.

Duplicate topic, please search before posting. Thanks!

EDIT: Seb said this won’t happen

I personally am against it because we have a wide range of people playing; young and old, different nationalities, etc
This would cause some people being offended, bullying, cursing, hate speech, and so on
Also it would be hard to control people’s speech

This request is different because that one uses an artificial voice

This has already been requested a few times.