live added to wrong account

Hello, I have not been flying online for a long time now and when I made a 1 month Live purchase it was added to an account that I did not use … as I was not quite sure what I had to do I would like to run my live a google account, if. I need to attach the 1 month Live purchase that was made to my account.

Try clicking on Link account in the bottom right corner. And then select Google

Hope this helps

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@Dalmo_Cabral - I’m assuming you want this linked to your account you’ve used before? If so, tapping “Link account” won’t help. If you wish, i can merge your old account (IFBR - IFAB Dalmo) with the new one and your sub will be transferred.

yes please, I’d like to. my live was linked to the IFBR - IFAB - Dalmo

Restart the app and sign in with your Google account and it should be all good!


Thank you so much, it worked now, it’s all right.

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