Live "Acknowledge" crashing the game.

This has happened twice to me, once just now.
I was with KNUC approach, and i noticed the little headset icon was flashing. I clicked it, and there was “Acknowledge” in green. I clicked it, and the game crashed. Also, nothing had been approved by ATC. Any ideas?

Sometimes ATC sends a message that is blank if it ever happends to not acknowledge the instructions because it will crash your game

This has been reported a couple of times before at KNUC. I’ll see if I can find the other threads

I guess it’s a known issue, since this may have been reported before -

It may be an idea to avoid pressing the ‘Acknowledge’ button until further instructions are given.

Device - mine always used to do this on iPad Pro 12.9 1st gen.

A lot of others had the same issue :)

I have noticed this issue before, next time you see if the screen is blank, do not click it. As long as it doesn’t happen on expert server, it’s okay since IFATC members know how to interact with ATC. It’s very common at TS1. Fly expert, to avoid this issue. Thanks for pointing out :)

Mine is an iPad mini 2

Like everyone else, I had the same issue before when I was flying to KNUC.

Haven’t seen a stable repro for this, and without that it’s pretty hard to determine the cause.

Hopefully it won’t be happening in the next update, as a lot of things have been completely reworked under the hood.

However, if you guys are able to find a stable way to reproduce the issue, it would be much appreciated.


Why is this Happening only in KNUC? Is it part of the Illuminati?! Is it devil who sent it? Or UFO? is KNUC the New Area 51?

Joking Aside, I have got this 4 or more times, but not sure if it’s coincidence or not, but i have got this only when its very busy

This happened to me ages ago! I reinstalled the app and then it worked fine

If you’re able to find a way to reproduce the issue, please report the steps in a new topic. Thanks!