Live account

Live account missing after paid for a sub
I’ve tried reconnecting ifc And Google accounts but still missing
Android Google

Hi Foo, can you provide a bit more details like the OS you’re using (IOS/Android) and how did you log into your account (Google/Facebook/Apple ID)

Bought the sub while the ifc account is linked but now its nowhere to be found

The talk of the town in these situations is to try:

  • Logging out and then in to the google account you bought your sub with
  • Restarting your device
  • Trying to start a flight

If that doesn’t work, there is still no need to panic, just:

  • delete and reinstall the app from google play
  • Log in to your account
  • Try to start a flight

If even this didn’t work, I’m afraid you’ll need to write to support


How did you purchase the sub?
Did you do it through the “Resubscribe” option in Play Store or from within the app?

Within the app

Were you signed into your account in the app when doing so?

Yes signed on the ifc account within the app

Before or after purchasing the subscription?

Before the purchase


All should be good now though. Restart the app and sign in with IFC :)
Fixed it.

The problem has solved itself somehow idk but yeah
Anyways thanks deercrusher and Alexander 👍

Topic can be closed

Oh you fixed it ah
aights cheers 👍
Thanks for the help !