Little white circular Waypoints (NDBs)

I probably should know this but in looking at waypoints I see that some are the regular triangle but some are the white circular ones. Could someone explain the difference to me please.

I would be talking about the point UZ.


Could you possibly provide a screenshot of what you’re referring to?

These are physical navigation aids on the ground. NDB I think

Correct me if I’m wrong

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The triangles are fixes, the circles are VORs and the smaller circles are NDBs. They all function essentially the same in IF.


I dont see how this should have been in #support

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Just pointing it out, you are cruising much too fast. The most you should be cruising at in the A320 family is M.82, and thats the maximum. Hope this helps!


@Will_A Yes I know, I’m intentionally on the casual server, trying to get in landings to get to expert.

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