Little trip to Brasov Airport

I went on a trip to see Romania’s newest airport. Here’s how it actually looks like.

This is the outside, its very modern, but the parking is smaller then a Lidl. I also like the purple glow added to the entrance and arrival doors.

They have only a restaurant, a lot of bathrooms tho, view points not really, only if you are at gate 5. They have prayer rooms, which is really cool. You can’t find these in Bucharest. Gates 1-4 are VIP only, which I find kind of… weird, so that means Gate 5 is the only gate. The airport has 2 Runways, the main runway, and a grass runway. Any plane can land here, unless there is a 4 engine plane, due to the wingspan. Overall, there is no more interesting pictures, because everything looks basic and plain. Overall, I give the airport a 6/10, because it’s a nice expansion for Brasov, but honestly not over my expectations, neither yours. And with this airport, a new bus route has been introduced: A1, which goes from the airport to Gara Brașov( the train station) and then to the City Center (Livada Poștei/ Piața Sfatului). It’s also the 3rd airport in the world to have a virtual control tower, which is located in Arad in a building. Hope you enjoyed this trip with me! Goodbye now!


Nice, would love to see that airport!

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