Little test giving clearance to aircraft with ATC pre speech we have.

So doing some ATC on the game I am mainly on ground… So I’ve been using a new method to give clearance to aircraft which keeps the aircraft running more smoothly, ground traffic isn’t all over the place and etc. While trying this little experiment majority of players caught on real quick and actually worked pretty well and I think it would help out whoever is controller at the time too ALOT! To others that I have attempted this on I confused the living life out of them.

NOW before I continue I’m no moderator or anyone special to infinite fight or dev I’m not saying go do this or obey it or else I don’t have that power but just another player sharing some thoughts and seeing what you guys think of it.

So the method that I have started using trying to keep things on the realistic side of ATC communication and flying is going to need a little help from you guys as well in case your part of that other top percent that sees me controlling and is like “what is going on”. And it’s super easy all you have to do is check your ATC log and don’t click show all but rather keep the box unchecked and it would show the directions you got specifically for you. Why would you need to check that box? Well here is where the method that I’ve been doing comes in.

After you have pushed back you ask the controller for clearance to taxi to runway 24R for example, and you are parked parallel to 24L with oncoming traffic taking off and landing on 24L. So instead of me responding Aircraft X taxi to runway 24R contact tower when ready (Which almost 70 percent of all aircraft switch to tower frequency right away, autmatically assume they can cross 24L to get to 24R and ask for takeoff clearance 3 minutes before they even reach the runway) Ive been sending messages like Aircraft X Holdshort runway 24L Aircraft X give way to aircraft exiting the runway, Aircraft X Cross 24L Aircraft X Holdshort Runway 24R all in one go. Why do you need to check the log if you get a message like that and what do those messages even mean?

Well you would need to check the log because unfortunately the way the ATC communication is now you can’t send multiple directions in one go but it would be all separately. and checking the log would makes things easier for you because you can see what they all were because it only shows messages intended for you (if you don’t have show all box checked). Now for others that don’t know what that message means it basically means I gave you clearance to taxi to requested runway 24R but before you get there your going to Holdshort 24L giveaway to any traffic on the runway cross runway 24L when clear Holdshort 24R contact tower.

Like I said I’ve tried this and worked pretty well for attempting it a couple of times but what do you guys think? To much?


It sounds like a nice workaround to make things a little more real. I -think- that I would catch on quickly if I was at your airport, after a few seconds of “didn’t I say 24R? oh yeah, I get it…”

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I think this is a good idea. I have done some short ones on single runway airports at socal like taxi to runway 27 give way aircraft on the left even before the left aircraft is there yet. And the pilot would understand and follow behind the left aircraft.

This way, every aircraft is given their full instructions so you dont have to split your attention.

But ive not dont anything as complex as you just did. I would go through step by step in your case =p its just me.

Then again, its those with call sign like PPPP48 and you will end up hearing a handful of “papa” for a long instruction.

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It would work well if pilots would know when to ask for runway crossing, when to change frequency or identify which runway is in use. Pilots are just soo impatient when on ground. They simply can’t help themselves when they have to hold short for more than 1min. It’s ridicoulous.


Exactly… I had an airplane Coming in one day when I was working as tower, must of been a rookie he was a 747 going on a 130 knot final his nose was pitched high up trying to keep that speed and land but what can you do… The planes that I had hold short of runway which would be taking off in his direction every 30 seconds I would get a blimp saying aircraft X ready for takeoff at runway whatever. Even though I keep telling them to stand-by, continue to Holdshort. It’s honestly ridiculous… Then there are those fighter jets that think they own the world and take off from the taxi ways use cause they can. Can’t wait until I get on the advance server as ATC… Lol.

It’s not better on Advanced. It’s a misconception that good pilots are on Advanced. You still have (lots) pilots not following instructions, not understanding sequencing, impatience, cut in line, disregard right-of-way.

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Im pretty alright with the 747 case =p im not a great flyer myself. In fact, i always fly the a321 because i really like the aircraft and that it has appr as well ><

So i do some cheat landing practice with appr.

But that aside, advance is good in away that i see most non rule abiding pilots go off quickly. Im only so new to advance but i dont get the same stuff from PG, so its definitely a change.

And for one thing, when im told to enter left traffic i wont be told to follow instructions when im really on left traffic xD

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