Little spotting session @ EYVI

Hello hello!
Today me, my dad and my girlfriend went to spot some planes at our local airport - Vilnius Intl whilst my mom was on duty as an Air Traffic Controller! The spotting session was around 40-50 minutes. Let’s check out the planes shall we? The photos are low quality because Android.

First plane I spotted: LOT E190 (SP-LME) to Warsaw:

After that, a SAS CRJ-900ER (ES-ACB) from Copenhagen:

(smooth landing)

There was a weird AirBaltic A220 departure which unfortunately I didn’t took a photo of it taking off:

Then it was time for a Ryanair 737-800 to Bremen (SP-RKG, the one I took last year to Eindhoven):

The plane I took to Heraklion just a couple weeks prior (9H-GTS) to Rhodes:

There was a CL35 taking off but unfortunately my phone ran out of battery literally seconds prior to its take-off roll

It was time for a late departure, air Baltic’s A320 (leased from Avion 9H-MLY) to Malaga, which was delayed by 56 minutes:

Yet another late departure to Heraklion (LY-GYM); Dreamland 3327 on top:

And to finish it off, Smartwings 737 MAX (OK-SWC) to Funchal:

That is it, if you liked this topic, stay tuned because throughout the summer, I’m planning to do even more planespotting. This little spotting session was only possible because of me and my girlfriend’s 5th year anniversary (I know, IF player has a girlfriend?).


Best airport, absolutely not biased at all

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Who operated your flight to Heraklion?

GetJet Airlines

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nice pics, I’m suprised that it happened to be your mom controlling the airport!

its her everyday job, what can I say

Now that I think about it, I think it was a bad idea filming at 2x zoom

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