Little something to relax before exams start (Global Air Force sorties)

Due to revisions, I couldn’t take the bicycle out for a ride. That meant I got to stare at the window all day, imagining how nice it would be the speed through the sunny fields and cruise around the lake.

Let’s say it left me with a lot of time to remember some flights I did with my friends at GAF, and some routes I always wanted to try. Indirect thanks to @Levet that lead me to save some replays

I decided it was the day to push the range of the F-22 to its limits and go on a sightseeing tour through the Lake District, RAF Valley and the Machynlleth Loop.

In this video, you’ll see the first part of this flight as well as a training sortie above the North Sea, suspended in the sky between two white layers.

Honestly I can’t wait for my exams to be over and spend more time editing, see you then :^)