Little Rock National Airport Terminal Spotting!

Hello Community, while waiting for my flight to Atlanta, I did a little pre-boarding plane spotting. Our airport only has 12 gates so it’s really easy too walk around and see what’s at the gate

  1. Our Delta md-88 pulling into Gate 4 from ATL
    2.Frontier Flight 438 service to Denver pushing from Gate 6 (Airbus a-319)
  2. Allegiant Md-80 series pushing back from Gate 8 heading to Orlando-Sanford Airport
  3. Expressjet Erj-145 at Gate 9 boarding to Houston(KIAH) IMG_2185IMG_2186

Where was that UA flight coming from

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I believe it was coming from Houston

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Great pics! Make sure to take a second to properly format your post.


Thanks Philippe. I will make sure to do that in a bit.

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