Little red box for landing

Hi after the update the boxes are gone when you land. Is there a way to get it back? Thank you 1

Hi! In the global update, the landing assists (little red boxes to the runway) were removed. I don’t know why, but they are rumored to be implimented into a future update.

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I believe the landing aids have been removed for performance reasons due to global.

It is okay for me, another thing it is that it is a bit hard to see the airports while landing e.c KNUC is there a way to see the airport easily?

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No. You cannot change the weather (and increase visibility) on Live, so I recommend getting to a lower altitude to see the runway better. For San Clemente, maybe about 6,000 feet. (I don’t know the localizer altitude for KNUC, anybody? )

I suggest you check out some tutorials in our #tutorials section. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a PM.

I see the airport by following the glide slope and localizer. Once I get close enough to see the airport I continue following them until I am landing,
Tutorials on that can be found in the linked catagory.

Thank you everyone. I still have one last question. Is there a way to see real time weather for the region, because I don’t one to fly through turbulence areas, and i don’t really want to fly in there, so is there a way to avoid that?

METARs and TAFs ought to help you. Check your departure and arrival weather while planning your flight. If the weather still changes without a warning, normal weather forecast online maybe helpful, though not necessary all the time.