Little question

Could the performance in IF decrease By using a lot your device?

I Think its a little stupid but I wanna ask It anyway


I am a bit confused by your question. Are you asking if the game will affect your device performance? Or if your device will affect the game performance?

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Im asking If like using the device for other things like play other games or use other apps Will decrease the device performance in IF

While Infinite Flight’s performance can’t physically be decreased, a less powerful device can affect how well Infinite Flight runs. A decrease in device power/performance can occur due to use and aging. It’s natural.

Here’s a quick chart to help.

More use = less power. Less power = less performance.

Well, you can’t really play games or use any other apps on your device while flying on Infinite Flight. If you’re flying on solo mode the game will pause as soon as you leave the app, if you’re flying on a live server you will be kicked off the server if you leave the app for a certain period of time (a few minutes).

If you are using a lot of RAM, the answer is basically: YES

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I mean while not playing IF

I mean if you’re not playing IF, then performance in IF can’t really be affected lol unless your device’s storage is almost filled up. But I would close all your apps from the background before flying on IF since IF already uses a TON of device performance

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This is incorrect. The RAM contributes to how many tasks the device can complete at a given moment. That is not what the OP is asking.

Furthermore, the quality of the RAM will not decrease at the same rate something like a battery or CPU would.

@El_YuainXD I suggest viewing the little chart I created in my earlier reply. That’s basically as simple as it gets.

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The operating system will prioritise phone resources depending on what processes are active, so it may shut down background services or other apps when you’re using IF. So at this level the answer is no.

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