Little question

Hi, I am flying EGLL to KIAD and the wind about 200nm from Ireland shore just changed way too fast and it made my plane almost stall. Should I go up or down? Currently I’m at 31,000ft and my wing looks like it’ll break off if this was real life. My aircraft is a B78X


What is your Winds rn?

It went from 104kts to 178kts really fast. And rn currentlyy they have changed to 82.


Take a look at, and use the slider to see where the winds are calmest with respect to altitude!


Maybe change heading north or south to enter a new track.

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182 knot winds won’t break your wings or make you stall. Adjust altitude/speed/trim as necessary.

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Ahh @ToasterStroodie beat me too it.

Also if the winds are now 82kts there is no need for diversion, it might have just been a patch of turbulence. The B787’s wings are notorious for flexing like crazy in the wind.

oof, I have never had that kind of a gust during cruise.

Haha, sorry, Stellar!

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So I should’nt go up or down?

well, 787 wings have a lot of wing flex, and 82 knots is fine, so nothing to worry about 🙂. I’ve had a 150 knot crosswind in a 787 before

No. Perhaps turn on the seatbelt sign (if you want to) and make small adjustments as necessary.


eh, seatbelt signs are overrated… 😂


Also a heads-up @PilotChrisSG you are flying in the opposite direction of the jet stream, so expect some headwinds.

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Wind changes shouldn’t be sudden (like it shouldn’t change 50 kts in 1 sec)

The 78X is really hard to stall actually. It is known for doing like mach 2 on casual, so I wouldn’t expect AP to not keep up with wind changes.


I said almost but, The wind changed really quick and made my plane lose the flight plan but the A/P managed to get back on track.

Do you remeber how sudden the change was? If this is a windhsear type situation it probably need to be reported to the devs because other aircraft like A350 would actually stall out.
It is normal for AP to drift a bit in crosswind. The is a 4nm margin built into airways (not sure about tracks)

The change was as sudden as it hitting my left wing to head wind.

My plane gained altitude then went back down also @xsrvmy

Depending on how heavy the aircraft is, I would climb to any even altitude above 33,000

First off, change you altitude to something even, because it’s a westbound flight