Little Question About Recording Flight Speed Ups

Hello there

You see, i am not to good with computers boomer anyway, i have a iphone and a PC, i want to make timelapsts, is there a way were when i am finished recording all the fottage goes to my PC and the memory of that goes to my PC?
because i have 2GB of space left on my phone, but 70GB on my PC left, so i kind of need to know please

Yes, it is possible. I can tell you that. But, I’ll leave it to someone else yo explain how because I’m not too sure.

The initial recording will be saved on the device you record on (the iPhone) in this case, at least when using the built in screen recorder. You can then plug the iPhone into your Computer and copy the Video to your Computer via the normal file structure (at least on Windows). If you wish you can then delete it from the iPhone.

I hope that helps!

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