Little Plane, Long Journey @ KIAH - 122100ZAUG18

My brain is debating on whether to go from KATL-KIAH-PANC or
KATL-PANC(Roughly 8hrs)

Sign me up just in case cause I may do a multi leg for DVA or just meet u from KATL
It’s 6am so I’m gonna Force my self to wakeup
Callsign PX-LXD
Btw Did u make them cruise speed at M.81 For a specific reason.
Realistic cruise is M.77-78

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I got you a gate. And the cruise speed is for a reason

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@Daniel14 I’m no longer sure that I can make it. 23:00 is late for me.

That’s ok, I removed you from the list

Event is tomorrow! Sign up!

Can i have gate 35 please

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If you are attending this event, spawn in NOW

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