Little Plane, Long Journey @ KIAH - 122100ZAUG18

Hello there! Ever wanted an event where a small plane is used to fly long distances? Well, here you go! This flight is the first on the IFC to fly from KIAH and PANC using the United 737-900. This flight takes around 7 hours and will be open to people in Tailwinds or not! Below are the details for this event.

  • Estimated Flight Time is 7 hours
  • Start of event is at 2100Z on August 12th or 2pm Pacific and 5pm Eastern
  • Only Aircraft Allowed is the United 737-900
  • Server: Expert
  • Departure Airport: KIAH
  • Arrival Airport: PANC
  • When Pushing Back, I push back first then down the line to the right not pushing back until there is enough room.
  • Cruise Altitude is FL320
  • Mach speed is .81
  • Below 10,000 speed is 230 knots
  • Above 10,000 speed is 300 knots
  • Rotate speed is 165 knots using 92% thrust
  • TOD is 132nm away

C29: @Daniel14
C31: @Lorne_V_Littlejohn
C32: @Goran12
C34: @TenMileJones
C35: @Marek
More Gates will be added if needed

Event Is hosted By Tailwinds Flying Club


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Geez seems crazy this plane can make it that far!

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I know right! I did this flight and it was scary because I had Headwinds the whole time but I made it! Weirdly my flight time was also exactly 7 hours.

Hopefully you do not have strong headwinds!

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I’d love to come, but a midnight landing is hard to swallow…

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Interesting. Unfortunately I can’t do it, it is in the middle of night in my country…

i would love to participate, but i am not expert and i am also going on a cruise ship that day.

i could also never be able to fly for 7 hours. It would end at exactly midnight for me!!

I might be able to participate as it would end at 6 AM my time. Gate C30 please, I’ll cancel if something turns out.

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You now have a gate!

The 737’s range is actually really impressive. Turkish Airlines uses them on 7 hour flights to smaller markets in Africa and Asia.

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Does the 737 even have enough fuel for this???

Yes it does, the 737-900 with only fuel can fly for 10+ hours

C31 for me please thanks

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You now have a gate! check above

Sign me up as TFC-015 but put me as standby


Sign me up please, I will try to make it!

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Signed you up! See you there!


I love the plane and I would love to participate! Put me down for a gate, call sign United 55

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Signed you up! See you then!