Little plane, long flight: United 737 EDDF-KIAH

I’ve seen some crazy things in my nearly three years on infinite flight. I’ve gone Mach three through the Grand Canyon in a F-22 Raptor. I have flown a 787-10 at Mach 2 before, I’ve gone up past 7,000,000 AGL. But this. This is a whole new level of “not normal”. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring before you today: A 4,500 mile flight. In a 737.


Departure: 07R
Arrival: 33R
Server: Expert
Distance: 4,500nm
Flight time: 10.5
Aircraft: 737-70
Livery: United Continental

Taking off from Frankfurt. I bet you all the people on board were hoping that we had enough fuel.

Climbing up over beautiful Germany 🇩🇪

I’m LOVING this new cockpit on the 737.

We had turbulence that very well might make a grown man scared. We were bumping up and down up to 700 feet per minute with crosswinds in excess of 100 knots!!

Finally, we had some more peace while cruising above the North Atlantic Ocean.


Nearing the Arkansas border

Approaching Houston Intl. About 8 minutes away from landing

Touchdown! It was an awful landing. I might have broken one of the old lady in seat 3A’s bones…

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Houston. We hope you had a pleasant flight. Thank you for flying United.

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Now did you not fill any passengers or cargo?

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I took like 28 passengers and about 7,300lbs of cargo. I was just like 18 pounds below MTOW

Ahh ok ok I see.

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#realismpoloce. Good photos though

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Wow that’s really cool! How much fuel did you have left when you landed?

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Very impressive! Nice photos too!

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I had about 11,000 pounds left when I landed. I used about 60,000

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Really cool idea!

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