Little Plane in A Big Airport// KFWA-KORD//

Hello again IFC! These photos were taking on one of my favorite regional routes to fly: SKW3260 on an American Eagle Crj700. this route is KFWA-KORD.

Airline: American Eagle (Operated by Skywest)
Aircraft: Crj700
Flight time: 0:43
Server: Expert

Here is me pulling onto runway 23 at KFWA

Gear up! Taking off of runway 23 into a steep climb at KFWA

We are already on our way down to chicago after a very quick cruise at 18,000 feet.

Just about to touch down on runway 28C at a very windy Chicago Ohare airport! (Note: that 757 in the back is actually Misha!)

After exiting runway 28C, I held at runway 28R and got to see Misha takeoff!

Once it was safe to cross the runway, i did and got this shot of my tail on this beautiful Crj700 looking down runway 28R.

And finally, pulling into my gate from a short flight from KFWA.

I hope everyone enjoyed these pictures.
Thanks to the wonderful controllers that helped me into a busy KORD today!

Also, tell me which picture you liked the most!
Thanks for viewing!


The one when Misha took off! Great photo

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Wow!!! Well done! Makes me wanna go fly the CRJ more!

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Thanks! it’s a fun aircraft to fly! glad you enjoyed!!

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Nice to see my hometown of FWA represented. Good stuff.

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heyo! FWA is my hometown too! anyway very glad you enjoyed!

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Oh wow!

Do I smell a potential future meetup? ;)

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Great photos!

This is honestly one of my favorite things to do. Flying a regional jet when a big hub if featured. Most people seem to fly in widebodies or medium sized planes like the 737, A320, or now the 757 and I love showing up in a CRJ and taxiing by the big guys

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totally agree! especially when it’s my all-time fav airport!

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