Little message from Atlantis 🇺🇲

Hello IFC,
Today, i had a message from Atlantis ,

I want to come back space…

Hope you loved the picture,
Have a nice day from Cap Canaveral


Cool pic! Inflight flight doesn’t currently have plans for adding back the space shuttle, as they are focused on reworking aircraft currently, and looking into the future rather than the past. However I do love this idea! Also I think you meant to say “Cape Canaveral”, instead of “Cap”

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I think it does have a potential of coming back. On the 23.2 update thread Laura posted pics of the space shuttle. There definitely working on it in the background. Could be wrong though.

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I doubt they’ll simply re add it with the rather old shuttle model, especially given all the aircraft in recent years having live cockpits and all sorts of moving parts so they’d probably have to remake the whole thing

I’m all for it either way though!

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