Little livery-interior view mistake

Device: Samsung S21
Operating system: Android 12

Hi everyone! During today’s Flash Flight I found a little mistake in the ANA 777-200ER livery and interior view. In this aircraft (I don’t know if it’s also like this in other aircraft) there are some “covered” passenger windows. Outside they are not transparent like other windows but blue, like the livery. Since these windows are covered, once you go inside the aircraft with one of the free cams (free cam, interior drone cam or exterior drone cam), looking at these windows you will not see outside but “the wall” of the aircraft covering the window. But, for one of them, especially the one on the wing near the flaps on the left side of the plane, it’s not like that because, from the outside, you can see that the window is covered, but once you get into the aircraft you’ll see that the covered one is the one next to it. I share with you some pics for understanding the problem.

  1. In this picture you can see the window I’m talking about

  2. In this picture you can see which windows have been switched by mistake

  3. In this picture you can understand better what I’m talking about: the windows have been switched. The left window, from the interior view, is covered but once you get out you will see that it isn’t (it’s the window on the right in picture number 2). While the window on the right in this last picture, from the interior view, is transparent, but once you get out it isn’t (it’s the left window in picture number 2). In fact, from the interior view, you can see a blue “strip” on the window on the right.

That’s all, it’s only a little mistake. I wanted to create this topic to let you know so, in the future, you can fix it. Of course, I’m not telling that this must be fixed immediately or something like that. You are busy with other things related to this simulator. Thanks for your time.
Jinco 🛫

I don’t know if this is a known bug, but if so, please let me know. Thanks.


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Huh, that is interesting. Good eye on catching that lol


Maybe it’s a human error.

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Look like you booked the unlucky seat my friend. ;) I believe this is a bug to my speculation. However, we’ll leave this to the team to decide.

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Thank you @Aviation_Jerry, @IF787, @IF_Hadi and @AviatorMan for your replies :)

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