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I love to fly lighter aircrafts and make use of ATC. However increasingly I find favourite airports blocked for the little league. Help me understand why this is so. At larger airports there are often shorter runways that could be used for patern work and lighter aircrafts. I have seen airports that seem to be operated by one person: ground, tower and ATIS.



Controllers on the Expert Server can use the “no light aircraft accepted at this time” NOTAM on the ATIS frequency and I’m assuming this is what you are referencing.

Whilst at each individual controllers discretion, controllers usually don’t permit light aircraft at airports that typically don’t accommodate them in real life on the day to day operations.

Controllers are encouraged to allow light aircraft when traffic, staffing and airport layout allows though but as mentioned above and at the end of the day, it is the individual controllers discretion. It’s also important to remember that every decision by IFATC is always made for a reason.

What airport were you at when this occured?


Thank you for your response.

Hi! IFATC are only volunteers who control in their spear time, and so there’s no way tat airports can always be controlled by separate people on separate frequencies. As it is possible for one person to control all of local control, it is often done to increase service.

Hey! This certainly is not our intention - like everyone said, it’s often due to workload alongside when an airport doesn’t accept in real life. Managing 2/3 busy runways alongside a busy ground often just means we cannot provide a good service to you. Most definitely when less busy, please come and go wild lol. I shall probably open EIDW for a short time in around 1 hour - please come by, would be awesome to have the little league! :D

Sean :)


Hey I loosely follow the community but I saw your post it reminded me of the events I haven’t seen a post about one for awhile so they may not do this or it’s just not on Instagram anymore. But they used to do a GA day event where everyone flew small aircraft like the TBM or Cessna. I don’t know if folks are allowed to host those but I guess you could look for something like that to do your GA flights.

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Thanks Sean, you are right ofcourse when an airport is very busy.

Thank you for your reply. I understand now.

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