Little information about RJTT

Hello everyone! I would like to tell you guys little bit about RJTT who would like to depart or arrive to RJTT this week! Mostly about runway. This is what they do in real life and if you wanna fly realistic!
For departure, aircraft use takeoff from runway 16L/R 34L/R and 05.
For landing, aircraft use
34L/R 22 and 23.

Depending on the situation, ATC might tells you different runway then you are planning. If ATC tells you runway for entry and land or taxi, please listen what ATC said. I hope you will good flight and flight safe!


Really good information! Here is an extra Airport chart for this Airport I found recently.


Thank you!

The Runway Departures actually depends on the wind and the weather. Heavy aircrafts must use the longer runways.

I use information from (aka Simbrief) and .

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I hope whoever will be on RJTT ATC will look this. Because I got told to land 16 ( even no one does in real life) yesterday.

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You might want to look at this

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Thank you for sharing that information! I have question. I understand it’s not easy to be like what is real life traffic look like and ATC is trying to make everything smooth, but I’m wandering is it hard to not use the runway that they don’t use in real life?

Sometimes we need to use those runways because of the high traffic load. In order to get departures out as quick as possible as well as have a good flow of arrivals, we’re trained to use all available runways, even if that runway isn’t used IRL. I hope this helps to understand it and if you have any more questions, please PM me and I’d be more than happy to help :)

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Personally, I don’t find it difficult, and I enjoy replicating some form of realism that way. I often try to find an ATIS frequency and I also look at FR24.

It just depends on the controller, honestly.

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