Little India to Large India Event Video!

Hello there!

After being away for a while I’ve been able to complete my latest video!
Over a week ago I took part in an event hosted by @SkyTrail titled ‘Little India to Large India’. A medium haul from Singapore to Bengaluru (Bangalore), India.
The event was terrific, as always, and among the participants was the one and only @PocketRishi

Like always, do enjoy the video! And let me know what you thought of it!
Thank you!


Server: Expert
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900XWB
Flight Time: 3 hours and 40 minutes
Cruise Alt: FL340/FL380


Great video , honestly thought I was watching a promotional video for Singapore airlines


loved this video mate! you hti it right out the park

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Extremely cool video!

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Thanks a ton guys!

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Great shots! @FLyboy277. It was so great being a part of this flight 😘

Hahahhah😂 same

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What a vid really cool at the end when the last Singapore came to the gate

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Great video! The scenery is pretty awesome. Great work man!

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@NORTRANS - Thank you!! Yeah that’s probably one of my favorite parts of the video too!
@Sashaz55 - Thanks man! Glad you liked it!

The tail of my plane ruined it (very Low quality)

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You will be contacted soon by @AndrewWu! haha jk

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Yeah I wish the 747 had better detail…


How I wish lol

Oh lol haha he will. (Not garanteed just a joke)

of course haha

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I have been summoned apparently.

Amazing video! I love the variety of angles and the music. If only that Air India wasn’t there at the start :/ jk obviously

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Hahah it seems you have been summoned

Thanks a lot! And good one 😂

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