Little help understanding fuel and long haul tips

So I need a little help understanding the fuel system. I do know how much fuel to put on every flight but I just want to know what these numbers on the bottom mean. Does this mean the amount of fuel left (in hours)? And when I am doing my VFR flight, I like to test how far a route is and I see sometimes the “ETA to dest” is red. I will post a quick image below. I had to put the UI real quick to demonstrate it.

Also this summer, I have finished up my high school classes which means I have the time to do long haul flights for the first time and I need a little help from the community. Any tips would be helpful.

The fuel remaining indicates how long you can remain flying so long as you maintain that amount of thrust. Sometimes, the ETA to destination is red, but as long as you brought enough fuel, (Using FPL toIF), you should be fine!

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Yup, that’s fuel remaining in hours and minutes
(Hrs:min). It will change based on thrust, but at cruise, it’ll remain relatively steady due to a more constant throttle.

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To add onto that, it will always change depending on what thrust % you are currently at


As long as you packed enough fuel for the trip and a wee bit more. You should be fine, even if the ETA is red like it will be in a strong headwind over the Atlantic :)

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