Little Fiasco in the Desert

Okay, so here goes:

Me and my friends were doing a group flight using Royal Air Force of Oman C-130J-30s earlier from HSSS-OEJN, and this certain Judgement 101 has been trolling us on the Expert Server by doing a series of antics while we were on approach (and even on the ground!) in Jeddah.

I seriously think trolls never deserve a place in Live, especially on Expert.

Here are the replay screenshots

pic5 :

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If you have any concerns about the professionalism of pilots on the expert server, please contact @moderators and they will help you out


Shame there is no more report button. Would be useful for idiots like that.

Hope the rest of ur flight was ok?


Not sure if they can do anything about it. However, like Drummer said, contact the Moderators.

I clicked on this thinking this was a funny screenshot post, but I was wrong.

Dont believe they can. Wasnt saw didnt happen

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The entire cruise from Sudan to Saudi Arabia was smooth, descent went well, until that user unfortunately began to cause a ruckus on our approach to OEJN…

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It’s pretty ridiculous how pilots behave now. With or without ATC, you should still act accordingly. Trolling people is pretty childish behaviour on ES. I’d recommend that you contact @moderators so they can take disciplinary action.


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