Little dot

Anyone know what the little dots on the airport does mean. I believe that

Green: good weather
No dot: Bad weather
Red: bad weather

But idk I just want Confirm


Yes indeed. It also indicates if you can fly VFR or not. If it’s green or cream you’re good, but if it’s red you must fly IFR

Oh ok thanks lol

Have a look at this old but good playlist, it will give you all the information on Metars you could need (including the colours you mentioned in your question).


also this is very handy if you want to fly a full landing ILS or hand fly ILS

If the dot is not green, I check the metar, if the vis is 3500 or less during the day, or 1/2 or less during the night, I go a full ILS, if that makes sense

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Further information regarding airport dot colors can be found here:

If an airport does not have a colored dot, it indicates that the airport does not have weather reporting abilities.

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Thank you

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