Little Airplane

Flying in Idaho

Server: Expert
Route: Various
Flight time: Unknown
Aircraft: XCub

This is the most boring #screenshots-and-videos topic ever



Beautiful I love the X-Cub might have to fly with you in it one day


I love it too! You can DM me when you want to fly together ;)

Nice photos, the views of such scenery while flying VFR is always a nice experience.

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Beautiful pictures & views!


Thank you so much @Jet_Airways_995 and @Darius_Glover 😊

Stunning photos!

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Thank you :)

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Awesome Shots 😍

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Thank you <3

This isn’t boring this is awesome!! Love the GA photos!!

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Thank you very much! I love flying GA

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nice!! flying in the underrated parts of the USA. i know Idaho, Montana and Wyoming have beautiful scenery

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There are many beautiful places to fly in the USA, even the Rockies in Colorado and Utah are gorgeous.

Thank you!

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