Literally my worst landing ever!

Hi IFC! currently im doing the 21.1 beta it pretty fun to be honest i give it a solid 9!
anyways i did a flight to KATL to KDCA
(i kinda wish that KATL have buildings😢)
the a320 delta is literally my favorite glad it now going to be in sim.

flight time:1:22

1.sitting at gate doing weight and balance, boarding passengers, making the flightplan and starting up the plane!!(really wish if they added buildings!!!)

2.the plane is started up now taxiing to runway 27R!

3.positive rate, gear up now we leaving KATL now heading to washington DC!! cruising under the clouds?!?! i thought i put it under 38,000Ft oh well

5.we began our turn to the river visual approach of runway 19!!

6.Oh god people are watching i better not fail this river approach

7.oh god I failed my landing im so sorry passengers i should’ve go around or grease the landing 😞😞 THE WIND MADE ME NOT GREASE WITH 19Knots of cross wind

8.finally im at the gate i feel embarrassed 😞 after i dont know ‘crash landing’ and ending it with 2 delta tails.

rate of that landing
  • pretty decent
  • good
  • mediocre
  • horrible

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i didnt include building because they wernt loading in and i have it on high so ya sorry


rip wing tip.

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Hey at least you didn’t drift of the runway like I did on my first 21.1 flight starts to get flashbacks.


Great pictures, I am also SOOOO HAPPY that they finally added the Delta A320, in my opinion the A319 is to short and the A321 is not that accurate

tbh when the delta a320 wasn’t added it felt there was gap of irl routes that takes on a a320 like to KLGA to KMIA or KJFK to KMIA

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Exactly like the A320 is one of Delta’s main aircraft that flies to Florida from New York and just in general

nice pics :)
When were you at DCA? I was there about 2 hours ago or so
Might have seen you

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i was there like around 9pm est

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ah sweet, I landed as a Frontier A320 and took off in a Southwest B737-800 around that time

The way I see it, as long as the gear is down, your right side up, and not a fireball, it’s a good landing 😉


Don’t beat yourself up. Just yesterday I almost crashed a 787 at cyyz cause I took it off Appr and tried to butter it. I landed on the left side of the runway saving inches of space. We all have our mistakes!

In this wind condition you’re not supposed to perform a “greased” landing as you may risk floating sideways and touchdown outside of the runway.
As long as you’re not way off the centerline it’s fine!

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I can’t name one pilot that has not been in your shoes. We all have. I am positive your next landing will be smooth as butter. Hit me up so I can watch.

@Alex_Kraz ‘s energy right here 💀

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Honestly, most landings I’ve seen on live were worse than this, I’ve seen people bounce TWICE, I’ve seen people shoot off the runway due to wind, and I’ve seen people crash because of a gear failure.

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A good landing is one you can walk away from, a great landing is one when you can use the plane again.

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Oh Goly Yesterday I was doing KDCA to KLGA rwy 31 Expressway APPR on my first try I almost winged tip and did a go around I redeemed myself the second try

Nice shots though


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