Literally Last Minute Ticket Deals

So basically amidst a discussion between my tutor and I about aviation, he mentioned to me that he has heard stories of people going to the airport with a bag and waiting around the airlines desks’ to hop onto a random flight that its ticket will be drastically reduced because the plane is about to leave but there are 1 or 2 seats remaining and the airlines will “bargain” that ticket for as low as Ryanair tickets. Is this true?!


Not sure about that. But there is a website to watch that I don’t know what it is but they sometimes post airline tickets and they mess up and do t catch it right away

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Yes this is possible but with anything leaving it late like a train ticket, plane or bus you either get a good deal or pay a absolute fortune. My recommendation is to not rely on it and if you find one then great but it’s not that easy otherwise everyone would do it


If you just want to fly then standby flights are a great alternative, I have yet to try it though.

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Yes, actualy that is what I want to do. Just visit other countries, because I enjoy just flying, just for a morning coffee! :P


I wouldn’t bet on it, I would just buy some really cheap fare off airline websites. Delta had SEA-HKG for $472 during cyber Monday.

As someone who has to plan vacations far in advance most of the time it simply isn’t feasible.

Not to mention the fact you have to clear security. I guess you could always clear security on a cheapy fare and get away with that though.

I remember there was a simposons episode on This

It’s still possible to an extent, but nowhere near as much as it used to be. It quite often goes the other way, where you end up paying a fortune instead. If you want to take that risk, or you have that sort of money to spend then by all means do, it’s a great and unique way to travel, even if unconventional. You might get lucky, but don’t bank on it.

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I’ve done this before using points…airlines tend to free up some award seats within a week of departure. Can’t say I’ve gone to the airport but I did secure a seat to Argentina the morning of the flight that left that evening.

It depends on the dmeand of the flight to. For high demand flights with last minute opening it will cost more for low demand flights you get the deal. Case in point a few years ago I got a last minute round trip flight from ORD to CLE for only $130. Nondirect but it only stopped over in MSP.

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