Literally Just PA28s @EGMD

At a wonderful airport located on the southeast coast, lies a smol airport. This smol airport has a lot of smol GA aircraft, of which tends to contain a lot of PA28s… I’ve gathered a bunch of novice backlit, under-edited and blurry photos with a decent handheld camera that I am upgrading given the time, money, and lunar eclipse that I just missed. I’d take an interest in more better quality spotting but I’d need to get the more versatile and better equipment to experiment with before advancing. Here’s a start I guess…

Anywho, have literally just some PA28s because who hasn’t had enough of’em. The spotting location here & PA28s are notoriously bad for cutting off their registrations.

G-CCHL - An Archer 3 arriving after a solo hire in the evening

G-BNTH - A Warrior 2 based out of London Biggin Hill, assuming on a solo flight

G-CIZO - Another lovely PA28, this time, a Cadet also on a flight from London Biggin Hill

G-ENNA - Lovely name, lovely plane, it’s a Warrior 2. Also based out of London Biggin Hill

G-IBFW - Another locally based aircraft, most of the time is found laying around the ramp or in the hangar, rarely flies

G-CDMA - A locally based Warrior running in the circuit with a student

G-BTKT - A sleeping bucket with some aircraft in the background under maintenance

Piper Arrow 3, was unable to see the reg of this aircraft

G-BUIK - Santa plane, Warrior 2

A PA28 with something else

Hello there blurry PA28, some grey thing in the background, probably British weather.

Anywho, there’s literally just some PA28’s for the most part, what else did you expect? Smh. I’ve probably got some more interesting photos of different aircraft stashed somewhere, will need to dig them out when I have the time.


Just saying, those aren’t the same aircraft. One on top looks to be an Arrow probably, I wish the warrior I flew had retractable gear, would have made some cross countries a little faster 😂

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Good spot, I couldn’t remember as that was the only shot I had of that aircraft sitting there. It’s G-IBFW, also a locally based aircraft. It doesn’t fly very often so didn’t fly to my mind, I’ll update that. :p


I came here for PA28s, not helicopters. I can’t believe you’ve mislead the entire forum this badly. Please, reflect on your actions.


UK general aviation in a nutshell. Some great shots there!

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I know right, terrible. You couldn’t be a better person to tell me off about misuse of the forum <3.

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Thanks for the kind words! If you ever have any questions regarding misuse of the forum, feel free to shoot me a PM! ❤

holy moly. ethan does cutoff wings? aint no way man


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