Literally got delayed for so much time while inbound to JFK

I was inbound from Baltimore when I essentially had to make a 360 over Jersey, yet there was an acceptable amount of room for me to join the approach queue, yet there weren’t that many people at the time of my arrival. I understand congestion is likely to happen, but it’s quite pathetic how those trying to simulate a real life flight get delayed and ruins the fun, just saying…

Was this on Training or Expert server?

Aviation is all about waiting, you wait for everything, you saying you had to hold across jersey? If they did not let you in it’s probably because some other people were in it for longer or something


I do not believe it was “just because they can”. IFATC is trained for a decent amount of time so there is definitely a reason. But realistically, the likelihood is that they either just lifted a ground hold and are trying to get aircraft that piled up off the ground, or like @FLIGHT2 mentioned, there were simply just people before you. But trust me, it is a little tedious but it also adds to the realism. It is super common IRL to have 360’s so realistically it is making your flight more real!


If you have questions as to why you were instructed to make a 360, would be better to message the controller instead. They will be able to explain why they did what they did. I’m sure there was a reason.


If you are not a fan of delays then I advise to not fly to controlled airports as there will be plenty of other users there as well if the airport is controlled! Also @RickG has just given you some very sound advise, contact the controller!

@RickG happy cake day!


Hey, I’m honestly going to speak my opinion and you might not like it.

Ok, so if you’re talking about making one 360, then what is the problem? 360s usually take a minute. You mention that you’re being vectored, remember that you aren’t the only person flying into JFK. JFK is very busy at the moment because of the new update, and you can’t just expect to be thrown into the front of the line. You have to be patient, especially in busy airspaces. I’m sure there was a reason for that 360. I hope you understand what I’m saying. Have a good one.


Just saying, JFK in real life is super busy too and they will put you into a holding pattern. I flew into and out of JFK in real life today and it was significantly busy.

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