Literally done with SoCal on TS1 (mini rant)

Ok I have pretty much had enough of SoCal. Every time I fly there is just a bad experience. It’s absolute chaos!!! And before you tell me to play on expert server, I can’t because I need about 20,000 more XP to get to grade 3. I cannot stand this region because I’m sick of all the noobs ruining the game. Let’s begin with atc. So atc is overall ok for the most part. But what really grinds my gears is the noob atc that has 0 idea on what to do. I wanna taxi to runway 25L? Nope. I have to taxi to runway 07R which is closed because of wind AND I need to do a 360 to get back on my flight path. Next is the players. I swear to god this is the worst aspect of this region. I’m so sick of that dang user in an a380 that just taxis through the whole line of players ready to takeoff and just completely ignores atc. I also hate it when I’m on short final and some dang 747 has to takeoff. Right before I land and makes me go around. Ok that’s the end of my rant but I just had to express this issue.


Don’t play in SoCal, make a petition on or somethin to allow IFATC to ban people permanently on SoCal TS1 who disobey the rules. Good luck actually doing that

Just don’t play SoCal TS1, report the people who break the rules

This topic was not needed,


I’ve seen topics like this before and they were never told they weren’t needed. Don’t wanna be rude but pls don’t be the forum police. Leave that to the mods


What do you expect to be resolved? SoCal TS1 is known for having pilots who should be banned from Infinite Flight live. Just don’t fly in SoCal TS1

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The only way to solve this issue is for you to keep flying, don’t get any violations, and you’ll be in the Expert Server in no time.


Well then keep working to get 20,000 more xp (or however much you need) to get on expert. Making a topic about this doesn’t help you get to expert… Simple solution.

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Yeah but the problem is that there are really no
other populated regions. I enjoy this game most when it has the most realism as possible. I don’t wanna fly in a place where there is no one around

I mean I love Singapore and flying WSSS and WMKK back and forth as there are no noobs and it has some life and ATC.

Singapore region has a great amount of mature people, two giant airports 150miles apart. If you don’t like flying with no one, why aren’t you making a rant about no one on the other areas? Clearly the fact there are no pilots anywhere else is more important?

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Yeah true. But making a flight plan is kinda difficult as there aren’t many fix points to create a flight plan. And the region is pretty small

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IFATC won’t be doing this, no need for a petition.

It’s a known issue, a fix is on the way soon! :)

Keep flying and the expert server will seem even more worthwhile when you get there :)