LIT-PHKO on American Airlines trip report

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Today I am being you an American Airlines trip report. Yesterday I flew from Little Rock, Arkansas to Kona, Hawaii with multiple stops along the way. Listed below are the flights and what I thought of them!

Flight 1: KDFW-KLIT
This was our first flight of the day! We arrived to the gate about an hour and a half before our schedule departer time of 9:55! The plane was an Embraer E140 operated by Envoy Airlines! It left gate 1 and I had seat 2A! It was a quick flight of 40 minutes at FL260! It was smooth and landed on DFW’s runway 17L on time! Rate:9/10

Flight 2: KDFW-KPHX
This was our second flight! Following our first flight into Dallas, we had to hustle down to the gate at which this Flight was at! It was a C29 and we arrived at the B concourse from KLIT! We arrive on time, but we sat at the gate from an hour and a half due to a broken water hose to the coffee part! Our scheduled departure time was 12:15 but didn’t even up leaving till 1:30! Once that was fixed, we taxxied out to 18L and departed to PHX! The flight to PHX was uneventful but we were concerned our flight to Kona was gonna leave without us! With that in mind, my dad asked the flight attendants if they could ask the pilots if our plane was going on to Kona, and sure enough, it was! We landed into a PHX at 1:50 MST and deplaned! Upon deplaning, we got some food! Rate: 6/10 for being late!

Flight 3:KPHX-PHKO
This was our last flight of the day. We boarded the plane for Konda at 2:45 MST, about an hour behind schedule for a 3pm departure time! We boarded and taxxied to runway 25R and took off bound to Kona! The flight was very uneventful for the first 2 hours! I enjoyed my lunch which was a burger and Fries and also received a complimentary drink from the flight attendants. They gave us the whole can to drink. I, of course, got the best drink out there which is Dr. Pepper! About two hours in the Flight, I got sick and continued for about 3 hours! Those theee hours were rough but the crew aboard American 603 was top of the line. After 3 hours of pain, I got better and enjoyed the rest of the flight into Kona. We landed at 6:55pm HST or about 11:55CDT/Midnight EDT! The total flight time was 6 hours and 55 minutes. Along the way, we hit some light-moderate turbulence at FL360 and eventually climbed to FL380 where it was smooth! Attached below are some pictures I took onboard this flight! Rate:9/10


Very nice! I always love to go on/hear about long flights with multiple layovers. It’s pretty fun to keep landing and taking off. I look forward to seeing your arrival post as well!


Thanks! I love stopping and walking around airports!

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Could you please elaborate on this? I didn’t really get it.


I believe he is saying that the 757 from KDFW to KPHX was continuing on to Kona so it didn’t matter if they were delayed

So, they were delayed at KDFW, and they missed their flight to Kona, but they were supposed to be rebooked on a different trip to Kona and coincidentally, it was the same plane?

No that plane flew KDFW-KPHX-Kona I think

No. We were delayed in DFW for PHX but the plane we were on continued on to Kona after stopping in PHX!

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That is correct! It flew that route

So, your third flight was scheduled on the same plane as your second flight, correct?

Yes! That is correct! Same plane…different crew

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download flightradar24, that way you can check the tail number of your flights… makes things easier

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