Listing of IF Aircraft

I am maintaining a listing of all aircraft (and associated Airlines) as used in Infinite Flight. My intention is to keep this updated moving forward. Please feel free to provide feedback so that I can keep this as accurate as possible and make this useful for everyone



All feedback is most welcome!


You’re awesome, this is going to be so handy when controlling. 🙂


Just curious how would this be used by ATC?

It’s important to know aircraft wingspan and takeoff and landing length requirements for aircraft so we know who to deny and at what part of the runway they can takeoff at minimum. I reguarly have to google aircraft wingspan, takeoff and landing length requirements, but now because of this I do not, so I’m a happy man. 👏


Oh, makes sense, thanks!

Don’t take it too literally as according to this the B787 could not takeoff from a 7000ft runway when in actual fact it is possible. So just use it as a guide.

Very good !! I like !!

Well that’s what this is for.

This is great. But Porter Airlines is a scheduled service airline. It does not do any charters as far as i know

Ryan, thank you for the feedback. Where do you see my mistake so that I can rectify it. :)

In the airline matrix on the Q400. It says charter next to the airline name

Wow! That’s incredible. I’ve always been looking for something like this!

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I thought that the B747-8 cruised at M.86 not .85, and the A380 at 0.85 not 0.86?
Did you mix them or is it supposed to be like that?

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