Listening to real-world ATC during my IF flight

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I would like to losten to ATC from the real-world during my IF flight. But, I can never, whether I use, Airport radio or anything, get anything in the UK or much ever in Europe. Of course as usual, the US typical words fine which is great, but do any of you know how to get more in Europe, particularly the UK?



As far I know Live ATC is illegal in the UK. That’s why its not available there . Not sure about other European countries


Ah, okay, thank you!

Its also illegal in much of Europe I believe.


True also that’s why you also don’t see the flight plan on flights in Europe because it’s illegal

Are you talking about Flightaware? I believe they don’t source the flight plan data for countries other than the US. It’s not just European flights that don’t have this data displayed on their website. Probably too much work.

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Try searching it on YouTube. My airport has a live-stream of ATC 24/7, not sure about others though.

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Yeah it’s pretty fun! And if you actually hear your call sign over the frequency you get real happy

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EHAM ATC is legal and being streamed at


Oooh, I’ll remember that! Thanks guys!

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